Veterinary Exam

During vet exams, we assess pets to offer tailored recommendations aimed at improving their health.

Our veterinary exams help us to ensure we’re staying up-to-date with developments in your pet’s health as well as keeping your furry friend in great shape. These routine wellness exams are critical in sustaining your pet’s health, since they age quite a bit between appointments. The frequency of your pet’s wellness exam will depend on their ages and underlying health issues.

What happens during the routine exam?

Our goal is to assess your pet’s overall health, from nose to tail and from ear to ear. This includes bloodwork and an oral exam. By doing a thorough examination of your pets, we can also provide preventive healthcare by identifying the early stages of underlying health issues. Early detection allows us to create an effective treatment plan that targets whatever health conditions arise. If your pet is due for their routine exam, please contact us at 403-934-3311 to book an appointment.

What does bloodwork detect?

With the help of our in-house laboratory, we can test your pet’s blood samples to establish baseline levels of their health. By knowing your pet’s normal levels, we can quickly diagnose any symptoms that are connected to health concerns. We might do a complete blood count (CBC), which tells us how well organs like the kidney, liver and pancreas are working as well as if your pet has any infections or inflammation. Quickly identifying the source of health concerns is key to preventing serious illness and maintaining your pet’s good health.

Why is the oral exam helpful?

Your pet’s oral health significantly contributes to their overall health. Even subtle changes to the colour of their gums, can be a reliable sign of underlying health issues. In between visits, we encourage you to document any changes you might notice and contact us if you have any immediate concerns. Our veterinary team is dedicated to not letting even the smallest symptoms go unnoticed.

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